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This data represents considerable research by our members and is offered using two formats:

Public- Data has been converted to be viewed only

Member- Data is password protected and searchable

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Public Documents (read only)

• Calumet School Census for District 2 for 1922, 1924 & 1925 (.pdf)

• Houghton-Keweenaw County Surnames (.pdf)

• Nissila & Makela Funeral Home Records (.pdf)

• Injuries at Champion Mine (.pdf)

• Widows Pensions (.pdf)

• Settler's Ball Book Index (.pdf)

• Settler's Ball Book Index (.pdf)

• The Osceola Mine Fire of 1895 list of casualties (.pdf)

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• December 2002

Member Documents (password needed)

• Baptism Records of Rev William Allen Johnson (.pdf)

• Marriage Records of Rev William Allen Johnson (.pdf)

• Burial Records of Rev William Allen Johnson (.pdf)

• 1906 Census of South Range, MI (.pdf)

• Quincy Twp Legal Voters 1867 (.pdf)

• Quincy School Census 1871 (.pdf)

• 1915 Newspaper Index (.pdf)

• 1916 Newspaper Index (.pdf)

• 1917 Newspaper Index (.pdf)

• Centennial School Class Lists from 1927 to 1940 (.pdf)
This information was taken from the teacher’s class list for the indicated year. These records were very difficult to read and there may be pages missing along with no records for 1939. If no state is listed under birth then assume that it is local or Michigan. Several times we found that a person had more than one birth date. We did verify that they were entered as written.




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